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How Effective is Your Self-Talk?

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Have you ever thought about how powerful your self-talk is and how quickly it can alter your mood? Truthfully, how often does a thought or series of thoughts ruin a perfectly good day for you? How often do you grab something to eat to calm or soothe yourself because of overwhelming, anxious, depressive or shaming

Do you have an inner nurturing voice?

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When the adult voices of our childhood are primarily warm, kind, encouraging, hopeful, validating, soothing and nurturing, we begin to develop a supportive voice within that can restore us to emotional balance when needed. As we mature into adulthood, this supportive voice becomes the voice of what I call our Inner Nurturer, our main source of validation, approval and

Gain Self-Care Skills, Lose the Weight

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It makes me crazy when I hear supposed weight loss experts preach that the road to weight loss begins and ends with calorie counting, daily weigh-ins and intense workout regimens. This kind of advice couldn't be farther from the truth and, in fact, it encourages us not to listen to the wisdom of our bodies. You were

Hope is everything

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The Random House College Dictionary defines hope as "the feeling that what is desired is also possible or that events may turn out for the best."   It's certainly easy to have hope when everything is going your way--you just landed a great job, met the man/woman of your dreams, lost a lot of weight or won the lottery. 

Are you overeating because your life lacks purpose or meaning?

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Nothing feels better than waking up and looking forward to the day.  Life feels worth living.  We feel a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction because our life has purpose and feels meaningful.  And even better if we feel inspired and passionate about what we're doing.  We can feel purpose and meaning from many types of