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“Julie is a caring and compassionate teacher and guide, with profound wisdom of the body, mind and soul. She ‘walks the talk.’ I recommend her highly.”

Candace.B. Communications Consultant

“Through working with Julie, I gently and gracefully was able to address the real reasons for my overeating, which had nothing to do with hunger. She helped me get in touch with those places deep inside that in the past I was afraid or unwilling to address. This underlying anxiety, depression and pain that I wasn’t even aware of was triggering me to eat compulsively, to cover up the pain. Julie’s work is so brilliant at giving me tools to work with myself, ways to be gentle with myself, and ways to comfort myself without using food. To this day, I use Julie’s work to continue to heal my experiences with food and my body.”

Arriane Alexander, Actress/Singer

“I was referred to Julie many years ago from a very close friend who knew the painful details behind my ‘eating problem.’ She witnessed the viscious cycle of failed diets followed by demoralizing binges that were then followed by weeks of depression. I have lost about thirty pounds since we started working together, but it might as well have been three hundred pounds, as that is how heavy and burdened I felt with feelings of shame and worthlessness. With tremendous insight and intelligence, Julie has guided me on an emotional journey that has had me not only ‘lose’ weight and keep it off for over 4 years, but allowed me to ‘gain’ so much more than I could have ever expected. Uncovering the reasons that I did cope with life by turning to food had not always been an easy process. It was Julie’s compassionate approach that made me feel safe enough to be honest and to do the work necessary to achieve a healthy body and mind. Though I was already in my late thirties when I started therapy with Julie, it was her thoughtful guidance that inspired me to grow up and take responsibility for my physical and mental health. Her radiant soul helped lighten my own path, deepening my spiritual growth. I have Julie to thank for helping me get more comfortable in my own skin and feel more confident, peaceful and joyful. In addition to being a talented therapist, she is a powerful teacher and healer. Julie is a blessing in my life and I have tremendous gratitude for the priceless gifts that I have received from her. Signed with tremendous appreciation.”

K.S., Non-Profit Fundraiser

“My work with Julie began when a dietician I had been working with referred me to her because I stated that I thought I needed to work more deeply on myself than just ‘dieting!’ Particularly since I kept gaining weight, not losing it, though I was following the ‘diet plan.’

And, WOW, was I right! With Julie’s guidance, I covered everything from my childhood to a job I had at the time that wasn’t contributing to my well being. During individual therapy, I learned to say the golden phrase “Let me get back to you” rather than making split second decisions which I would later regret. I also learned, through a series of 12 Week group classes, that others were having the same kinds of problems I was, and I didn’t feel so alone with their insights, as well as Julie’s guidance. The phrase “Signal-Based Eating” is emblazoned on my psyche for evermore, and, yes, I’m still working on this daily.

Work with Julie individually and in group work taught me how to cope with potential problems and work to solve them, instead of becoming victimized by them, and then ending up eating myself into a stupor! When I started with Julie, I weighed between 160-165 lbs. I now weigh between 130-135lbs. and feel good about myself. When I see I am starting to gain weight, I look at what my life is, and change the situation. I am grateful that I was lead to work with Julie and I continue using her guidelines in my life on a daily basis.

Her upcoming book is not just another “go on this diet for two weeks and you will lose twenty pounds!” It’s a manual that you will read and refer to in your quest to become more balanced in your life. And this balance will eventually lead you to a healthier style of living and a realistically best weight for you. This is what working with Julie individually and in group work did for me!”

Iris L. Maybruck, Ed.D.

“I was raised by alcoholic parents. My sister and brother turned to alcohol and drug addiction as well. My addiction of choice was food, although when my overeating began at age 12, I didn’t realize I had just chosen a different type of addiction than others in my family. I spent 40 years being overweight, gradually heading to obesity and all the associated chronic health conditions. About 20 years ago, I attended a seminar given by Julie and decided to join her group for overeaters. While I had to drag myself there, on some deep level I knew I could not win this addiction battle alone. I stayed in group several years since it was easier in group to hide a bit. I am an expert in hiding, and learned how to deny problems from my alcoholic upbringing. After several years in group, I took the courageous step to start individual treatment with Julie. My journey has been a long and twisted road, with Julie gently prodding and supporting, but never pressuring me to move faster than I was able. Julie is responsible for my awakening in many ways. I had been asleep at the wheel for decades emotionally, denying my dysfunctional upbringing, husband incapable of true intimacy, and suffering the raw exhaustion of being married, while juggling a career and raising my children by myself. Julie helped me every step of the way. Many weeks, she was my sole support. I continued to work hard with her, looking deeply into myself and peeling away hundreds of layers of onions. Julie is responsible for my spiritual awakening as well. My new sense of spirituality, growing self confidence, and introspection with Julie have shaped my road to recovery. I have lost 35 pounds and have about 25 pounds to go. Losing weight is now effortless for me, thanks to Julie. I am going to be thin next year, and for the first time in years, I am beginning to experience true happiness and inner peace. Julie has been my spiritual guide on the most challenging journey of my life. I thank her profoundly.”

S.M., M.S.W.

“I never connected with my true emotions until I started seeing Julie. Before I started working with her I certainly knew on a surface level what emotions were, but Julie gave me the tools to actually tap in and feel all the feelings I had been avoiding my entire life. My work with Julie was the first time in my life that I was able to truly connect with myself and understand the big picture of how emotions interplay with eating. Julie’s compassion, knowledge and empathy helped me to realize that a lifetime of beating myself up for overeating was simply one that I was not willing to live anymore, and she helped me to break a cycle that I had almost resigned myself to living with for the rest of my life. With so much clutter in the dieting and self-help world, I feel blessed to work with someone whose approach is nothing short of life-changing.”

Laurie B., Attorney

“Julie, Thank you Thank you Thank you! Working with you has helped me in ways I didn’t at first imagine. I first came for a specific issue and stayed for the whole me! My connection with you was so instantaneous. I felt immediately understood, which was a big thing for me. With your knowledge and gentle loving guidance, I’ve been able to understand myself and my life and make new choices, blossoming in ways that bring such clarity and peace to my life. I am finally able to really be the person I always wanted to be – happy, healthy both physically and emotionally, feeling truly grounded and connected in my life. Working with you has enhanced my life and I am grateful beyond words.”

M. K., Film & TV Producer

“After years of yo-yo dieting and fruitless therapy, I was lucky to find Julie and her unique approach to dealing with emotional eating that addresses imbalances in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Julie has a talent for zeroing in on the issues underlying problems. She has guided me through some very challenging times and facilitated my personal growth. Julie possesses a keen intellect, coupled with warmth, caring, compassion, patience, and a wisdom that makes her truly remarkable.”

J. N.

“I worked with Julie individually and took her 12 week program on Emotional Eating. Both were insightful and invaluable experiences. During our individual work together, Julie helped me see the link between needs that were unmet since childhood and my lifelong struggle with compulsive overeating. The 12 week program provided me with the tools I needed to label the feelings I often mistake as hunger. Julie taught me how to handle the feelings instead of soothing myself with food. I successfully lost 15 pounds and exercised regularly—something I hadn’t been able to do in years. Although I still struggle with emotional eating, I know I am better equipped to handle cravings after my work with Julie. Julie is real. She has a unique balance of professionalism and genuineness which made me feel comfortable with her instantly. I highly recommend her services to anyone who struggles with emotional eating.”

Alexis K., Human Resources Professional