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Can Intermittent Fasting Help Reduce Your Overeating?

Fasting. Yuck! The word tends to conjure up unpleasant thoughts of starvation, hunger pangs, light-headedness, low blood sugar, restriction and deprivation. We often have to fast before blood work. We fast before medical procedures like colonoscopies (double yuck!) and surgeries. And fasting is a spiritual cleansing ritual associated with many religions. Nobody thinks "Yeah, I want to fast,"

Do you have an Inner Nurturing voice?

One thing most emotional eaters have in common is that their childhoods didn't feel particularly nourishing. Even if their caregivers were loving and kind, often there just wasn't enough quality attention and listening, good attunement, soothing, comfort, empathy or consistent compassion. Even well-intentioned parents can miss the mark if they themselves didn't learn these skills somewhere along the

Having Trouble Letting Go of Diet Mentality?

Many clients I work with have been chronic, life-long dieters and even if they’re satisfied with their weight and not currently dieting, they have difficulty giving up the diet mentality. It makes sense--many of us were raised in a culture where we were encouraged to weigh and measure our food and our bodies, and count

Ten Strategies to Curb Holiday Overindulging

Set the best intention, overeat, shame and guilt yourself, repeat. Despite our best intentions, many of us find ourselves routinely overeating at meals, snacking mindlessly, or bingeing regularly. It's a familiar pattern that seems to end in weight gain for many of us every year, especially during the holidays. With the last two weeks of

The Weight of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time when most of us overeat. It’s just what we do on this holiday, right? Snack, overeat, repeat. Even though we're a bit uncomfortable by the end of the day, it’s okay. We’re celebrating and giving thanks for the abundance of food on our tables and the family and friends in our

Handling Post-Halloween Sugar Cravings

Do you have leftover bags of candy and treats after Halloween?  If so, you're probably debating whether to throw it all out or put it in the freezer and save it for later. You certainly don't want to eat that much candy now, you know it's not good for you (or your children), but perhaps

Five Tips to Avoid Halloween Hangovers

For many emotional eaters, the holiday season's over indulgences begin with Halloween. The sheer volume of candy and delectable treats lining supermarket and drugstore shelves and home pantries is in itself downright spooky! And to add insult to injury, candy is being handed out every where you turn. Candy manufacturers seem to be oblivious to

Do You Tend to Overeat When the Days get Shorter?

At this time of year, many of my clients complain about the days getting shorter. Understandably so. It's not just that the summer has ended and the longer, lazier days are behind us. With this particular season change, those who suffer from mild to moderate mood disorders (especially depressive and bipolar) can all of a

How Effective is Your Self-Talk?

Have you ever thought about how powerful your self-talk is and how quickly it can alter your mood? Truthfully, how often does a thought or series of thoughts ruin a perfectly good day for you? How often do you grab something to eat to calm or soothe yourself because of overwhelming, anxious, depressive or shaming

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