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Seminars and Workshops

Presentations include 1-2 hour seminars and 3-4 hour or weekend workshops that can be tailored to meet each groups specific needs. Anyone struggling with overeating and weight challenges and those who work with over-eaters, including therapists, nutritionists, dietitians, physicians, nurses, personal trainers, teachers, chiropractors, body workers, acupuncturists, and massage therapists will gain insight and valuable tools.


* Ten Step Recovery From Emotional Eating
* Overcoming Emotional Eating–A Mind/Body/Spirit Approach
* Mastering Self-Care Skills–Ending the Disconnection that Leads to Overeating
* Tuning Up Biochemistry–Correcting Brain and Body Imbalances
* Filling Up Spiritual Reserves–Addressing Spiritual Depletion
* The Overeater’s Thought System–Putting an End to Self-Defeating Thinking
* Setting Effective Boundaries and Limits–with Self and Others
* Making Sure Your Child is Not Turning to Food for Emotional Comfort
* Parents: Are you raising an Emotional Eater?
* Is your child being bullied because of his/her weight?
* Unprocessed Whole-Foods Nutrition
* Weight Loss, Exercise and Sleep–What’s the Connection?
* For Clinicians: Working with Emotional Overeaters


Other topics available upon request

Please see Media for a partial list of speaking venues and Upcoming Events for scheduled seminars and workshops.

Comments from Participants

“This has been the most informative and moving seminar I’ve ever attended.”

“This seminar was unlike anything I’ve been to before; I really learned a lot.”

“You offered us very useful information, in a truly enjoyable presentation.”

“Thank you for sharing yourself so personally.”

“Great workshop. Very concise and to the point. You have really done your work.”

“I feel I can really trust you. You cover the gray areas and work with them. You come from experience and knowledge, and it shows. Your personal sharing made it more real and not just in theory.”

“Excellent presentation. You kept everyone involved.”

“You are a ‘joy.’ I enjoyed listening to you. Your knowledge is right on the money.”

“I appreciate your caring and warmth. You are a giving, nurturing light.”

“You are an excellent speaker with huge knowledge and a great presentation style. I liked how comfortable you were with the subject and how you were willing to share personal information.”

“I enjoyed your directness and interest in pursuing all angles of overeating.”

“I learned a lot from this seminar. I know this path will be the right one for me.”

“You have a clear and generous way of speaking to people. Your printed material is direct and uncomplicated.” 

“I’m very glad I attended this seminar—you gave me the hope and the direction I was looking for.”

“I enjoyed the experience; very powerful and moving. I think everyone I know could use your help!”

“Fantastic seminar. I really got a lot out of it. You are a great teacher.”

“I felt so much emotion surfacing during the lecture. It’s wonderful that I finally met someone who understands my emotional eating problem.  Thank you for opening me up again.”

“The most amazing seminar. I’ve taken your seminar numerous times and always cry when you do the inner child demonstration. It is so soothing to hear you talk and comfort the inner child. The self-soothing and self-care piece really struck a chord. I can see how that applies to all addictive behaviors. Thank you bunches.”

“You have a delightful approach. Your speaking presentation and concentration is excellent.”

“This seminar was awesome. You touched on underlying areas in my life that have added to my failure and unhappiness for years. Your kindness and honesty were much appreciated.”

“Thank you. As a nutritionist, I found the information very helpful in understanding emotional eating.”

“Thank you. Light bulbs went off—especially when I connected my overeating to my relationship with my mother.”

“Excellent seminar—you are very knowledgeable and seem to be receptive to people’s needs. You came across as a person people feel comfortable talking to.”


“I have attended many workshops on compulsive overeating. I feel this was the most comprehensive and your presentation gave me a deeper insight and fuller understanding. Thank you. I look forward to working with you.”

“Julie, Thank You. Today was so enlightening! Your presentation is truly unique and fantastic. And the light you shed on the association of mood and overeating was very fascinating. Every word out of your mouth is gold.”

“What an insightful session! I have an M.A. in psychology and I learned so much today. Especially what you said about carrying around our parents’ pain. Thank you.”

“Fabulous—so many issues you expressed like no one else I’ve heard before. I believe you’ve given me the tools to help myself now. Thank you Julie.”

“Excellent, excellent, excellent! One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended.” 

“What a wonderful time. You are so loving and practical.”

“Very clear and realistic workshop.  Best of its sort I’ve experienced.” 

“What an excellent educational session. Great connection with the audience.”

“Julie, you were excellent; articulate, very knowledgeable and informed with great insight. Also wonderful use of examples.  You presented it all in a very personal way.”

“Your presentation was very informative and telling.  Wonderful eye contact and appearance. The visual aids greatly improved my understanding.”

“I’m just beginning to understand why I overeat and choose foods that throw me out of balance. The information in this workshop was very helpful to me.”

“Great! A lot of issues dealt with that I never would have come to on my own. A great intro to working on eating issues long term.”

“Thank you. I feel very blessed and grateful for your information tonight and your wonderful spirit and energy. You are a gift. I know the universe truly appreciates that you are offering these gifts.” 

“After listening to you, I know that I can and will improve my situation. You are inspiring!”

“Thank you for speaking in simple language and giving us tools to use right away.”

“I totally enjoyed this workshop. I learned that a lot of my eating is coming from emotional needs not being met.”