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Are you an Emotional Eater… or do you know one?

Do you grab food when you’re under stress?
Do you eat to soothe the pain of unpleasant emotional states?
Are you frustrated with your inability to keep weight off?
Do you eat when you’re not hungry or beyond full?
Do you feel out of control with food and compelled to eat comfort foods?
Do you think about food and weight often?
Are unmet needs sending you to the refrigerator?
Do you feel sad, ashamed and guilty about your weight?
Are you disappointed with your body image and self-esteem?
Do you believe your eating has an emotional component to it?
Would you like to stop emotional eating, once and for all?
Are you ready to stop dieting and try something new?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re trying to stop emotional eating, end a compulsive overeating problem, lose a large amount of weight, shed those last few pounds or just improve your health, Overeating Recovery has something for you.

You can move beyond your preoccupation with eating and weight, stop compulsive behaviors, eliminate the idea of dieting from your life forever, and experience a fuller, more satisfying life. Full recovery is possible. And I can show you how!

Can you imagine…

  • Being able to handle challenging emotional states without turning to food?
  • A nurturing voice within, capable of restoring you to emotional balance? 
  • Knowing how to quickly replace self-defeating thoughts with uplifting thoughts?
  • Loving yourself and your body, unconditionally?
  • Being able to set nurturing limits with yourself without feeling restricted?
  • Eating only when you’re hungry and stopping before you’re full?
  • Easily choosing foods that support your health and well-being?
  • Having a high-functioning body free of health challenges?
  • No more fear of degenerative health conditions?
  • Effortlessly releasing unwanted, excess weight?
  • An end to chronic depression, anxiety and mood instability?
  • Enjoying moving your body?
  • Getting restorative sleep every night?
  • Living more in the present moment?
  • Creating more purpose and meaning in your life?
  • Filling your life with nourishing connections?


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