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It’s Time to Spring into Action

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For many of us, our parents and grandparents got much more physical activity than we get today. They shoveled snow, raked leaves, chopped wood, scrubbed floors, hand-washed garments, hand-mowed lawns, washed and waxed cars and walked miles per day. And for our earliest of ancestors, physical activity was a natural way of life. Roaming and

Stressed Out and Overeating?

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We all feel the effects of stress, from agitated moods to tension in our bodies leading to chronic pain and illness. Stress in small doses can actually be useful. The stress you feel before a big exam may just be the motivation you need to increase your study time. Chronic job dissatisfaction may be the needed stressor to change jobs or go back

Are You Truly Motivated to Stop Emotional Eating?

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Of course you want to end your emotional eating.  Yesterday, thank you.  And while you say that you feel motivated to give it the boot, somehow you lose hold of that motivation most days and find yourself grabbing those cookies or that bag of chips, or going for seconds.  Perhaps you've convinced yourself that you're weak-willed, undisciplined or just

Overeating and Procrastination–What’s the Connection?

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We all procrastinate to some extent. There are only so many hours in the day and some tasks are just more onerous than others. Sometimes we procrastinate because we feel overwhelmed by everything we need to get done and we're having trouble getting started. Other times, we feel unmotivated or tired and can't get going. But no matter what

Making Lasting Lifestyle Changes

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It's summertime and perhaps you're feeling motivated to make some positive lifestyle changes like reducing your intake of processed foods, exercising more, drinking more water and less caffeine and attacking your clutter. Yet, when you contemplate these changes, you wonder if you'll really be able to make them this time. After all, how many summers