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The emotional eater’s expectations: are they realistic?

After spending Saturday afternoon with a close friend, Jackie came home and baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  The time spent with her friend Carol did not feel nourishing.  The two dishes of ice cream and the plate of hot, fresh baked cookies did. Just baking the cookies felt more nourishing than spending time with Carol. Jackie knew that an afternoon with Carol meant […]

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Are you overeating because your life lacks purpose or meaning?

Nothing feels better than waking up and looking forward to the day.  Life feels worth living.  We feel a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction because our life has purpose and feels meaningful.  And even better if we feel inspired and passionate about what we’re doing.  We can feel purpose and meaning from many types of […]

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Are losses and disappointments sending you to the refrigerator?

Most of us don’t like to spend much time thinking about our losses and disappointments or painful childhood experiences.  Yet, without much effort, they are brought to the forefront of our minds when something in our environment triggers thoughts of them.  We see a happy couple and  think  “Oh, yeah, I had a loving relationship with Jack, […]

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