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Emotional Eater’s Don’t Just Eat when They’re Sad or Depressed

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At a seminar I gave recently on emotional eating, Cyndie, an attractive, well-dressed woman in her late forties came up to me and shared: "Even though I'm obviously overweight, I don't think that I'm an emotional eater because I don't eat at all when I'm sad or depressed. In fact, I can't eat at those

Do you have an inner nurturing voice?

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When the adult voices of our childhood are primarily warm, kind, encouraging, hopeful, validating, soothing and nurturing, we begin to develop a supportive voice within that can restore us to emotional balance when needed. As we mature into adulthood, this supportive voice becomes the voice of what I call our Inner Nurturer, our main source of validation, approval and

All you need is love

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In the previous blog article, I asked if you felt worthy of self-love. Hopefully you're putting into practice some of the exercises I suggested and you're beginning to connect to yourself in a more loving way. Today is Valentine's Day and I'd like you to take self-love one step further. I invite you to be your own valentine.