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Emotional Eating and Food Addiction: What’s the Connection?

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There's a quote I've always loved by Sir Francis Bacon, the English Philosopher, and I'm sure you've heard it. He sad that "knowledge is power." And I definitely believe this to be true. But I also know, from more than two decades of work as a psychotherapist and life coach specializing in overeating challenges, that even

Ten Steps for Beating Food Addiction

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How many times have you vowed, on a Sunday night or Monday morning, to start the week clean and stop eating foods containing sugar or flour, stop eating fried foods or rich dairy products, or drinking alcohol, soda and other caffeinated or sugary beverages? Probably more times than you care to admit. So what happens to

Food allergies and overeating–what’s the connection?

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We all have our favorite foods. For me, freshly baked bread and scones top the list.  And for some of us, once we start eating these foods, we can't stop. It's as if they're calling to us. Before we know it, we've eaten the whole carton of ice cream, or polished off the entire bag of