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Does Your Eating Have an Emotional Component to It?

We all eat for emotional reasons some of the time. Let's face it: food is convenient, pleasurable and exciting. It can also be comforting and soothing. And eating is a way to distract ourselves from dealing with the things we don't want to deal with, right? Generally, we're not bothered by a little emotional eating

Do You Turn to Food When You’re In a Transition?

The Random House College Dictionary defines a transition as "a change from one position, state, stage, subject or concept to another." Many emotional eaters have difficulty with transitions and turn to food as a way to comfort and soothe themselves during the transition process. Here are some examples of what I call "transition eating": --You

Are You Eating Over Unmet Expectations?

Jackie baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies after spending Saturday afternoon with her close friend Carol. The time spent with Carol did not feel nourishing.  The two dishes of ice cream and the plate of hot, freshly baked cookies did. Just baking the cookies felt more nurturing than spending time with Carol. Jackie was

Healing a Poor Body Image

I am saddened when I hear the stream of negative, critical, unloving comments that clients, seminar attendees, and participants in my 12 Week Program often verbalize about their bodies. "I can't love and accept myself as is with these thunderous thighs." "I won't go out in public in a sleeveless shirt; I hate my fat,

It’s Time to Spring into Action

For many of us, our parents and grandparents got much more physical activity than we get today. They shoveled snow, raked leaves, chopped wood, scrubbed floors, hand-washed garments, hand-mowed lawns, washed and waxed cars and walked miles per day. And for our earliest of ancestors, physical activity was a natural way of life. Roaming and

Five Tips to Avoid Halloween Hangovers

For many emotional eaters, the holiday season's over indulgences begin with Halloween. The sheer volume of candy and delectable treats lining supermarket and drugstore shelves and home pantries is in itself downright spooky! And to add insult to injury, candy is being handed out every where you turn. Candy manufacturers seem to be oblivious to

Do You Tend to Overeat When The Days Get Shorter?

At this time of year, many of my clients come in complaining of the shorter, darker days. Understandably so. It’s not just that the summer has ended and the longer, lazier days are behind us. With this particular season change, those who suffer from mild to moderate mood disorders (especially depressive and bipolar) can all of a sudden find

Are You Taking Things Too Personally?

I could tell when I entered the waiting room of my office that Samantha was having a bad day. She appeared depressed--she sat slumped in the chair and she was visibly upset. Her mascara was running and she looked like she had been crying. Unlike times when she was more upbeat, she was not distracting herself with her phone

Emotional Eating and Food Addiction: What’s the Connection?

There's a quote I've always loved by Sir Francis Bacon, the English Philosopher, and I'm sure you've heard it. He sad that "knowledge is power." And I definitely believe this to be true. But I also know, from more than two decades of work as a psychotherapist and life coach specializing in overeating challenges, that even

Happy International No Diet Day

I bet you didn't know that today is International No Diet Day. Well it is, and its observed annually on May 6th. It's a day dedicated to raise awareness regarding the dangers of dieting and to celebrate body acceptance and body shape diversity. Despite the entrenchment of the diet mentality in our culture, research demonstrates that diets don't

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