Group Therapy


         Group therapy is a place to join others in a safe, supportive environment that encourages honest interpersonal

         exploration. Group therapy can provide a wonderful opportunity to learn many valuable things about yourself as

         you identify and explore various psychological issues. The therapeutic goals of group therapy are ambitious

         because we desire to change behaviors and attitudes many years in the making. I use a combination of Cognitive Behavoral

         Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy in all therapeutic groups. 

         When you join a group you can expect to: 


                       * Break through inner isolation–you are not alone with issues that concern you. 

                          Learn how other people can become a powerful source in facilitating your well-being.


                       * Reduce the pain, guilt and shame and begin feeling good again as we

                          work together on issues of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, body image,

                          relationship difficulties and job/career challenges.


                       * Release ineffective behavior patterns such as people-pleasing,

                          perfectionism and procrastination. 


                       * Release negative, critical, self-defeating thinking patterns that no longer serve your 



                       * Learn new ways of coping with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, hopelessness,

                         depression, powerlessness and despair, without “using” food, substances,

                         drama, television, internet surfing, shopping, sex, gambling, avoidance, etc.



         Current Ongoing Groups:  Women Who Use Food for Emotional Comfort

                New Group Forming:  Women/Men Who Use Food for Emotional Comfort

         These groups meet weekly at my West Los Angeles office. Group size is generally 6-8 participants. 

           A group interview session is required to join any group (unless you’ve been in one of my groups previously.)

           Call or email for days, times and availability.  Contact Julie

            Please see Comments from Group Members for testimonials.

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