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Emotional Eater’s Don’t Just Eat when They’re Sad or Depressed

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At a seminar I gave recently on emotional eating, Cyndie, an attractive, well-dressed woman in her late forties came up to me and shared: "Even though I'm obviously overweight, I don't think that I'm an emotional eater because I don't eat at all when I'm sad or depressed. In fact, I can't eat at those

Do you have an inner nurturing voice?

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When the adult voices of our childhood are primarily warm, kind, encouraging, hopeful, validating, soothing and nurturing, we begin to develop a supportive voice within that can restore us to emotional balance when needed. As we mature into adulthood, this supportive voice becomes the voice of what I call our Inner Nurturer, our main source of validation, approval and

Resolve to be kind to and patient with yourself this New Year

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Did you make any New Year's resolutions this year about losing weight, getting in shape or stopping your emotional eating?  If your like most Americans, you made one or more resolutions along those lines.  And now, almost two weeks into the new year, you may be wondering where all those good intentions have gone. I've

Loneliness and emotional eating–Part II

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Chronic loneliness is a symptom and signal that you are disconnected from one or more of the three main sources of soul nourishment and sustenance: Self, Others and Spirituality.  Some level of a positive connection to all three sources is essential for good emotional and physical health.  In Part I of this article, I addressed Self-connection and