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Having Trouble Letting Go of Diet Mentality?

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Many clients I work with have been chronic, life-long dieters and even if they’re satisfied with their weight and not currently dieting, they have difficulty giving up the diet mentality.It makes sense--many of us were raised in a culture where we were encouraged to weigh and measure our food and our bodies and count calories,

Do you feel worthy of self-love?

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We've all heard it said that you can't love anyone else until you love yourself. And although we know there's truth to this old adage, most of us persist in looking for love outside of ourselves, often in all the wrong places. In one of my emotional eating groups this week, we discussed the concept

Resolve to be kind to and patient with yourself this New Year

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Did you make any New Year's resolutions this year about losing weight, getting in shape or stopping your emotional eating?  If your like most Americans, you made one or more resolutions along those lines.  And now, almost two weeks into the new year, you may be wondering where all those good intentions have gone. I've

Loneliness and emotional eating–Part I

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My client Alexis (name-changed), a forty-four year old web designer, has been single her entire life.  Without partner or child, she often feels invisible at social gatherings filled with couples and families.  Her parents passed away in the last few years and as an only child without much extended family, she often feels a painful, overwhelming and

The emotional eater’s expectations: are they realistic?

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After spending Saturday afternoon with a close friend, Jackie came home and baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  The time spent with her friend Carol did not feel nourishing.  The two dishes of ice cream and the plate of hot, fresh baked cookies did. Just baking the cookies felt more nourishing than spending time with Carol. Jackie knew that an afternoon with Carol meant